6 Tips on Attracting Property Buyers Online

The e-commerce world has expanded tremendously in the past many years as increased number of people are now actively operating smart devices and have greater access to social media platforms. Customers find greater comfort in being able to browse online for their wanted products rather than travel one place to another in search of comparable options. Hence it can easily be said that marketing your product/ service online is the modern and efficient way of increasing sales, customer base and brand recognition. The same applies to the realty world where websites display an array of households, properties, apartments and so on for its customers to view, distinguish between and choose what suits them.

6 Tips on Marketing your Home:

  • Website with best SEO for organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial strategy for increasing traffic to any website, and realty websites are no exception. SEO is important because it increases the visibility of your website, which results in increased traffic and potential to convert visitors into paying clients. You may drive more visitors to your online store by ranking better in search results for relevant search terms. Additionally, it’s a useful tool for promoting your business, cultivating relationships with customers, and establishing your authority in the field. 

The best techniques to improve your website’s SEO include optimising your keywords, building your backlink profile, and producing high-quality and relevant blog content.

Utilise these SEO best practises to raise your website’s search engine optimisation:

  1. Develop content based on target keyword research
  2. Use compelling headlines and titles. 
  3. Write strong meta descriptions
  4. Optimize all images
  5. Include a number of internal links
  6. Make the design user-friendly (on desktop and mobile)
  • High quality property listing

Your product listings must include all key details to respond to your customers’ initial inquiries (such as size, color, material etc). Once the basis is set, you should then verify that your product listings are identical across all of your sales channels to maintain product consistency and that they are SEO-optimized to help your webstore rank highly in search results.

While you’re improving your product listings, don’t forget to take advantage of the chance to highlight any additional products that can improve or complement a customer’s purchase. This is a great method to give your clientele more value while also boosting sales and revenue.

Your product listings are the easiest way for customers to find your products – therefore you need to make sure they’re structured for the best possible results.

The following are some essential elements to include in your product listings:

  1. Include brand and product names in your product titles, as well as important information like size and colour.
  2. Ensure your product descriptions are detailed with the information customers actually need
  3. Include testimonials from customers in your product listings.
  • Quality Photo/ Video contents on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter 

You must convince buyers to stop scrolling and look at your home in more depth in the competitive world of online property marketplaces. This can be accomplished with excellent photographs, well thought-out videos and visually aesthetic content. You may also hire a professional photographer and gain access to not only their gear but also their knowledge and skills. Modern smartphones have excellent cameras, but appealing home photography requires ability, and buyers will be drawn to how the house has been captured.

You can accurately represent your products in this case, properties, to buyers by using high-quality photographs. There are many things to consider while shooting a house for your online store, which is why we’ve provided some of our top advice below.

  1. Use a high-quality camera or phone to ensure the image is clear.
  2. Make sure the house and area are well-lit with no shadow (preferably day)
  3. Take multiple photos of the house from different angles.

Show the house in action. By this we mean capturing the entirety of the property as a video and upload on platforms like YouTube. You can even conduct this yourselves on a mobile phone and speak alongside the video simultaneously explaining the detials of the house/ apartment etc.

  • Articles

While maintaining a blog may seem like more work than updating your website’s product offerings or social media channels, it can be a truly helpful tool for communicating with clients. In addition to this, a huge percentage of successful SEO can be done through well written articles that will boost up your page’s visibility to the top of the search page.

In order to maximise conversion, blogs should update often, reply to comments, and include visual content. For the most cross-promotional impact, publish your blog on your website and share the link on your social media accounts. Remember your audience at all times and use the appropriate tone. 

Whatsapp and SMS Marketing
  • WhatsApp, SMS and Email marketing

The most used messaging app worldwide is WhatsApp. Its audience have increased to 2 billion active users monthly by 2020. Businesses who wish to reach customers in emerging markets must have access to this marketing channel. 

More than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers using WhatsApp marketing. Even better, since texts have a 98% open rate, you may be certain that they will receive your offers. 

  1. Profound relationships with customers
  2. Higher rate of conversion
  3. Improved sales
  4. Lower marketing costs

Now coming on to SMS Marketing, more than 95% of people carry cell phones today. A message is checked every other minute, and SMS, which stands for “short message service,” is a messaging system where marketing is done via SMS. A quick view at some of the major benefits of SMS Marketing:

  1. Highly customizable based on customer’s preferences
  2. Low competetion since majority brands still do not take full advantage of this method
  3. Cost effective

The list goes on.

Another great option is Email Marketing which can be a cheap and effective way of attracting customers to your online store. Creating an email list is a terrific method to stay in touch with both current and potential consumers who have visited your website but have not yet made a purchase.

Some ideas for your email marketing include:

  • Showcase new properties
  • Offer bespoke incentives, sales, and discounts for subscribers
  • Send emails with comparable houses, apartments, properties etc after a sale
  • Get involved with influencer marketing

This is a relatively new technique for marketing that tries to raise consumer awareness of your company.You should concentrate on influencers that have a sizable and devoted following across social media platforms, a large number of readers and listeners of their own content (such as on a blog or Youtube channel), and a strong following that they can trust. They will immediately help spread the news about your company, product, and/or brand if you manage to get on their good side.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can add this concept to your own marketing strategies:

  1. Ask an influencer to post about your brand on their social media platforms to gain interactions. Consider taking bright, eye-catching Instagram pictures of them endorsing your brand. 
  2. Original Content – If your influencer is able to, ask them to post or vlog on their own blog or YouTube channel about your realty business.  Why do they like it so considerably?  Where may their devoted and active supporters acquire it? 
  3. As your realty business progresses, you can go ahead and make videos like ads which makes the celebrity/ influencer the face of your brand. This way your business will have further credibility and authentication.

Through the constant application of a mixture of these techniques, your realty business will thrive on online media platforms and gain customers at a rapid speed.

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