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As of 2018, 93% of home buyers searched online for a home to buy. Since then, the number has multiplied, and the online real estate market has become highly competitive. Reaching your target audience through digital marketing is one of the best ways to do so. Furthermore, it makes it easier to generate more leads and sell more products. It is a proven strategy to increase your company’s brand value and awareness. You can stand out from the competition by doing this.

A crucial part of Realty World is Digital Marketing

Getting to know your target audience beyond your locale

Not all home buyers will fall into the same demographic. You will not stand out from the crowd if you focus your marketing campaigns on the wrong audience. The target audience’s focus areas in the real estate industry are

Customer Type – First time buyer and Move up buyer. 

Location – House should be close to work or school, have good transportation amenities, be secure, be near school, be luxurious, etc.

Marketing research and analysis can help you communicate the right message to the right audience. This way you can attract more home buyers in and out of your area who fit a specific niche. 

Long Term Growth Through Search Engine Visibility​

Good real estate branding can help investors and home buyers have confidence in your services. According to Forbes, 93 percent of internet experiences begin with a search engine. As there is a lot of competition, and it is hard to establish credibility. So you will generate more leads and brand recognition when you have optimized search engine visibility.

The Right Approach at every stage of the Sales Funnel to help potential Clients

With digital marketing, you can strengthen your sales funnel strategy and make the home buying process easier for the prospect. From the awareness stage to the purchasing stage.

Using popular internet marketing content formats such as blogs, videos, FAQs, and so on can help during the consideration stage. Hence, it is critical to keep potential clients involved by addressing their concerns. Only then they will consider buying.

When it comes to making decisions, real estate professionals use CRM tools. HubSpot CRM is an excellent example.

The use of video marketing can help you increase conversions

It has been found that 86% of home buyers prefer video to research their next community. In other studies, embedding videos on a page increased organic traffic by 157%.

The reason for this is that video makes it easier to communicate information. When you display information about your properties and services, you can build trust.

Real estate Digital Marketing: How to Create a Successful Plan?

As every realtor uses digital marketing campaigns as part of their marketing strategy. In conclusion, it pays to make an extra effort to stand out from the crowd.

Reaching more people is important, but the quality of the conversion is where you will find your rewards. 

  • Social Media Marketing 

Facebook’s users are mostly between the ages of 24 and 35 (Statista). According to DESA NINJA, a typical Facebook user spends 37 minutes on the platform each day. Moreover, Facebook has an impressive conversion rate of 1 to 1.5 leads per 100. So, If you want to run Facebook ads that are specifically targeted at your audience. As a result, Facebook is a good place to start.

In addition, Facebook Live video can drive a lot of traffic, according to Hootsuite.


On Instagram, you can tell potential clients about the interiors, neighborhood, amenities, and so on. You can also share your success in closing a deal with a home buyer.

  • SEO Content Marketing

The focal point of your digital marketing efforts should be your website. It should be professional in appearance.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, also the images, descriptions, and navigation are of high quality.

As soon as you have a solid website, you should invest in developing a content marketing strategy. SEO or search engine optimization should be the next thing on your to do list.

  • The Marketing of Virtual Tours

The goal of digital real estate marketing is to engage your prospects in the best way possible. With 3D virtual tours, your leads can see your listings on their mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers.

 The BetterBizWorks, LLC reports that virtual walkthroughs increase leads by 50% more than traditional listings with photos. Additionally, virtual real estate hosting is a great way to generate leads outside your local area.

  • Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to expand your network in your real estate niche. A realtor’s online presence is not enough; they also need to engage their audience. 

A home buyer spends three weeks looking for a new place before contacting a real estate agent. Therefore, By getting them educated about the home buying process from the beginning, you position yourself as reliable and trustworthy.

The use of email by every demographic can help you maintain and build relationships with your clients.

Digital Marketing - Blog

The Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the World

Digital marketing agencies help realtors promote their listings and perform the best SEO. Most of them compete for organic reach, which has become the currency of the digital era.

In addition to SEO audits, digital marketing agencies develop content, analyze traffic, and build links for realtors.

Let’s check out the best digital marketing agencies from around the world.


Besides SEO, WebFX also offers web design and development services. The company has worked on a wide range of projects involving design, development, and marketing. It has a team of over 200 people who are always ready to help.

Creative Sponge - UK​

Creative Sponge has worked with some of the most well known brands in the world. Including Eat Natural, UEA Outreach, and many others, but does not boast about its accomplishments.

In 2017, Creative Sponge won the 100 design awards for its stunning designs and outstanding project inputs.

SEOplus - Canada

A number of marketing awards have been given to SEOPlus, a Canadian digital marketing firm, for its work. In order to meet the client’s needs, the company develops and implements a comprehensive online marketing strategy. 

With a focus on lead generation, sales strategy, and business growth, it serves a variety of digital fronts. SEOPlus is known for its transparent work and real time results for their clients.

Lets Nurture - India

 The Lets Nurture company has more than 500 clients in more than 50 countries. Its offices are in the US, India, and many other countries. Lets Nurture has built over 1000 web and mobile applications in the past.

Realtypaas Private Limited - Pakistan & USA

Final Words!

It was all about digital marketing strategy for real estate. As in any other industry, digital marketing is very important, but it must be done correctly.

As a part of business, almost every agent and broker engages in one or more digital marketing campaigns. The success of these campaigns depends on how efficient they are. 

Digital marketing is the future of Realty world.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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