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Do you want to up your real estate game? Start by exploring the industry jargon. To get to grips with property terms and definitions, read through them from top to bottom. Or, if you’re having a hard time with a particular term, just look it up. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a real estate pro in no time!

Here are some of the most commonly used property terms in the Pakistan real estate industry that we have categorized as: Area, Official Documents, and Process.


Real Estate Glossary - Pakistan


The Pakistani real estate industry uses specific technical terms for property transactions. Understanding these terms can prevent confusion.

Inteqaal (Mutation)

Inteqaal is the process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another. It is documented in a “mutation” which shows the transfer of registered land. The new owner becomes liable for property taxes and it’s recommended to obtain the mutation from the local land administrator.


Jamanbandi is a process of updating land records, they are generally updated after every four years.


Partal is the process of verifying and updating property records during a transfer of ownership. It is performed by a Patwari and the updated records are maintained by the revenue department or Patwar Khana.

Kilabandi/ Qilabandi

Kilabandi involves replacing irregular fields with uniform, rectangular plots for improved water distribution and cost efficiency. The technique was initially used for waste lands, but later extended to fertile and cultivated lands.


Bandobast is a Persian term meaning “settlement” and refers to the meticulous process of specifying and assessing land revenue, including data collection and determining the state’s share of produce.


Knowing the relevant officials and necessary documents is vital when buying or selling property.

Fard is the document that shows the ownership of a piece of land. It originates from the Patwari record, which is a record of the revenue an owner pays. The major types of fard are listed below: 

  • Record Purpose – To confirm and update owner’s status of ownership of land
  • Fard e Bay – Obtained when owner intends to sell their property through registry
  • Fard for Bail – Obtained to be presented in court for bail purposes
  • Fard for Gift – Obtained when the owner intends to gift their property to anyone via registry
  • Fard for Mortgage – Obtained when the owner mortgages their property to another individual or organization
Jamabandi Form

The Jamabandi form is a revenue record that details property information such as ownership, type of land, construction, holding status, owner status, location, and division. It is perceived as difficult to interpret due to legal jargon. The major columns of the form are explained below: 

  • Khewat number – a unique account number given to a group of land owners
  • Khatauni Number – a unique account number for cultivators of a land plot with multiple Khasra numbers. It also includes information about the tenant and their details
  • Khasra Number – a unique plot number or survey number for a specific piece of land
  • Owner Details – name, father, and grandfather to verify identity
  • Possessioner/Cultivator Details – whether the same as the owner or not
  • Lagan Details – agreement between land owner and cultivator for produce sharing
  • Remarks Column – contains entries for transactions and is updated in each Jamabandi

It is important to ensure accurate entries in the Jamabandi to avoid issues such as double sale, double mortgage, and other fraudulent activities.

Theka (Lease)

Theka refers to a lease agreement in which the tenant pays rent in exchange for using a property owned by the landlord. In agriculture, the tenant uses the leased land for farming and producing crops.

Sale Deed

A Sale Deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer. It includes important details such as the property description, price, payment terms, and ownership information.

Aks Shajra

A map of land ownership drafted by Patwari that includes information about farmland and possession.


Certificate for leasing rights issued by a Gardori with the landowner’s permission.


Document proving property ownership issued by the revenue department.


Comprehensive map of the property issued by Patwari with details such as measurement, location, and surrounding areas.

Property Terms


In Pakistan, Imperial system is used since British India, all area sizes are as defined in imperial areas. However, few additional area terms are used such as Biswa, Marla, Kanal, etc. 


A unit of land that is equivalent to 1350 sq. ft.


A unit of land measurement that varies in size, ranging from 225 to 272 sq. ft. As per Imperial calculation Marla is 272 sq. ft while in urban areas (metropolitans) the size of Marla is 225 sq. ft.


Equivalent to 20 Marlas. In Imperial calculations, one Kanal is 5400 sq. ft. and in urban calculations it is 4500 sq. ft.


The smallest unit of land is equivalent to 25 sq. ft. 1 Marla is equal to 9 Sarsahis.


An area of land used by a revenue collector’s office also known as qanoon goi.


An area of 43,560 sq. ft. or 8 Kanals.

An area of 4 Kanals or half an acre.


Haq e Shufa (Pre-emption Right)

Haq e Shufa is a right of first refusal in Muslim law that allows a neighbor to buy adjacent property before a stranger can. Its purpose is to ensure the land goes to someone who will use it in a manner that benefits the community.


Lowest-level official in the revenue department who keeps area records.

Gardavar/ Gardori

Person who examines land records.

Real estate is a highly desirable investment opportunity in Pakistan, with many citizens choosing it as their primary business venture. Having a solid understanding of real estate property terms is crucial for anyone looking to tap into the potential for revenue growth, build a successful local business, and stay informed about key legal aspects. In this context, knowing the language of real estate is essential to fully grasp the essence of the industry.

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