Now you can make your own website that you’ve always wanted, just according to your requirements for Real Estate.

Website Hosting

Good hosting servers will be provided for Web Hosting.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate will be applicable for the website

SEO Basic

Will provide basic SEO for a Website

Website Services

Pay month to month. Cancel anytime.

$ 69

Silver Package

Best for an individual Agent or Small Agency

Buy Package
$ 199

Premium Package

Ideal for a multi branch Estate Agency

Buy Package

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    Web Services for the Realtors​

    We are offering services for the Realtors to make their own & Social Platforms

    Install the Server

    We install the server in a cloud facility and setup the WordPress and the MLS Theme.

    Configure MLS Theme

    Using the RESO API access details that you provide, we connect your website to the MLS database and configure the full settings.

    We setup the template

    We install one of our pre-built templates, review the security settings, and set up the automatic daily backups.

    WordPress, theme & plugin updates

    We do WordPress, MLS theme and plugins updates for you automatically. You will not have to worry about missing security updates as we have you covered.

    Full support from our team

    Our client support team is available to help with any questions about theme functionality. We offer support via chat or via a private system, and we answer swiftly to your questions.

    Research & Documentation

    We research and implement any specific technical requirements from your MLS. This part if done by our team and we allocate all the time needed to have a successful connection at all times.

    Becoming a RealtyPaaS Client

    Step #1

    Check your Web portalis RESO certified. Over 650+ websites are already RESO compatible and new ones join daily. If you cannot find your domain, contact us and send us your domain name to help get this info.

    Confirm your Website is RESO ready

    Step #2

    Only ReasltyPaaS members can get access to RESO web API. We provide the RESO technology to connect to your Website, but the access is given to you by your RealtyPaaS account. As member, please contact our agent and ask them for access.

    Get RESO Web Access from RealtyPaaS

    Step #3

    ReasltyPaaS Website and Services includes a full package for which you pay month to month: Website Theme, Cloud Hosting, daily backups and security settings, speed optimisation and regular WordPress, theme and plugin updates. Transactions are secured by Ent to End Transaction. RealtyPaaS subscription agreement is exclusive to the domain name and account owner, meaning you can use 1 subscription for 1 domain only, and the buyer must be the RealtyPaaS account owner.

    Buy RealtyPaas Packages

    Step #4

    RealtyPaaS solution is a full package deal. Once you buy the package, you will be contacted by us with credentials to your client support system where we will ask you to share your domain name access. We will stay in contact with you every step of the way. Our team will do all the work related to cloud server setup, MLS syncronisation, theme installation and pre-built template setup.

    Get support from our team

    Check our Demo Themes

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